The Not-So-Simple Process of How Mosaics Are Made

In Parts And In PiecesCreating a stunning piece of artwork is no simple feat. A lot of hard work, precision and knowledge of the craft go into every single piece. From an idea’s first seed to its implementation, there many steps that lead up to the final product. Because mosaics are so complex, it is no wonder that this multi-faceted process can be time rather time consuming, depending on the size and scale of the mosaic. (more…)

The History of Roman Mosaic Art

Fiori Rotondi

Mosaics have made their way across many cultures and time periods. The beautiful designs were ornate displays of religious, historical and artistic depictions. Using small pieces of glass, stone or other materials, artists were able to create images that mimicked the quality of a painting. While the history of mosaics themselves run deep, this style of art was really popularized by the Romans. (more…)

Where Did Mosaic Art Come From?

Mosaic art jewelry pieceWhile it can be tempting to get caught up in the details, sometimes you have to look at the bigger picture to see a situation more clearly. Mosaic art really utilizes the power of looking at the bigger picture to showcase a stunning work of art. Each individual piece of a mosaic is nothing too remarkable on its own, but when it is carefully placed in the right spot among tens, hundreds or even thousands of other pieces, the result is breathtaking.



Artwork That Is Jewelry For Your Walls

Jewelry For Your WallsPersonal accessories can help you to express yourself in term of style, interests, and personality. In decorating your home, the same concept applies to adorning your living space with visuals that give you pleasure. Sometimes using the same concepts of personal adornment, that less is more, can also be used with home décor. Thinking of your artwork as jewelry for your walls can help you to define the personality of your home, and give it an atmospheric expression.

One good way to start is to consider whether your living space is full extension of yourself, or whether it has an individual mood that is complementary to your own. Does your home like to make bold statements that are based in contrast and focal areas, or does your home prefer to have an integrated aesthetic? By answering these questions you can begin to map out the personality of your environment in a cohesive manner. (more…)

Developing A Home Decor Design

Developing DesignThroughout history, humans have been fascinated with the art of ornamentation. This has included both the decoration of self with accessories and jewelry, as well as the decoration of living spaces. Although many early forms of artwork are thought to have begun as a way of overtly expressing thoughts before the development of formalized or written language, decorations still hold symbolic meaning which can be interpreted on a personal or social level.

The first mosaic pieces date back nearly 4000 years, and started as very abstract designs. Components consisted of pebbles and small rocks that were in different shapes and sizes, which offered color and textural contrasts. This decorative effect most frequently employed on walkways and paved roads, and is thought to have been used for both aesthetic variance as well as a way of offering travelers guidance as to which road they were on. (more…)