Don’t Make These Mistakes When Designing Your Restaurant

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Designing Your Restaurant

In the restaurant business it is widely known that atmosphere can greatly affect whether a restaurant is a success or a flop. Yes, the food and quality of service play large roles, too, but it is extremely important to make sure the environment is set just right. The restaurant decor, temperature, lighting, music and seating should all work together to build and support your core concept.

There are plenty of rookie mistakes you can make when designing your restuarant. There are so many wonderful design ideas out there for cafes, bistros and restaurants that it’s hard to keep yourself from trying to use them all. In order to have a welcoming decor that guests can’t get enough of, however, you need to take a step back and look at what truly works for your unique venture.

If you want your space to thrive, then avoid the following:

  • Poor lighting – Soft lighting is key for dining. You don’t want lights to be too dim or too bright. Find the happy medium where the eyes do not feel strained. Beautiful fixtures can help to create the right level of light.
  • Art and decor that clash with your concept – If you are working with Italian-American food, you most likely won’t want modern decor and you definitely don’t want Asian decor. Choose art work, furniture and colors that would fit with the Italian countryside.
  • Bold-patterned carpets – Loud patterns can be dizzying and distracting. Choose subtle colors that are easy to clean.
  • Close-proximity seating – Give guests enough space to enjoy their meal. Having a full house is great for business, but it shouldn’t detract from the quality of the experience. It will also help your bottom line if you invest in one private or semi-private room for larger parties.

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