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10 Italian Mosaics that Will Inspire a Trip to Italy

Giardino del Sole

Mosaics come in many shapes and sizes. From the smallest pieces of mosaic jewelry to the largest ceiling mosaics, they are all equally beautiful. The attention to detail and creativity that go into each piece are truly inspiring. This type of art has spanned the globe since its creation, but one country that has held on to its true essence is Italy. Italian mosaics tend to offer the elaborate pictures and flashy materials, and many are reminiscent of the Byzantine Empire when mosaics really made it big. (more…)

The History of Roman Mosaic Art

Fiori Rotondi

Mosaics have made their way across many cultures and time periods. The beautiful designs were ornate displays of religious, historical and artistic depictions. Using small pieces of glass, stone or other materials, artists were able to create images that mimicked the quality of a painting. While the history of mosaics themselves run deep, this style of art was really popularized by the Romans. (more…)

Where Did Mosaic Art Come From?

Mosaic art jewelry pieceWhile it can be tempting to get caught up in the details, sometimes you have to look at the bigger picture to see a situation more clearly. Mosaic art really utilizes the power of looking at the bigger picture to showcase a stunning work of art. Each individual piece of a mosaic is nothing too remarkable on its own, but when it is carefully placed in the right spot among tens, hundreds or even thousands of other pieces, the result is breathtaking.



Expression On Canvas Is Everything

Expression Is EverythingThe creative home is an extension of your own artistic vision. This essentially means that you can decorate from your heart, and choose pieces of art work which are true to your personal vision. One problem that many creative people run into is trying to edit themselves, because there may be many canvases and pieces of décor that speak to them. If you are such a person who is easily inspired, then the use of visuals may help you develop your creative home without overloading the senses.


Home Decorating Is The Personality Of Your Home

The Personality Of The HomeHome decorating can be a fun and progressive process for many people. You may be the type of person who likes clean lines and neutral shades with a splash of elegance that will draw your visitor’s eye. You may also be more of the collector type, with an eclectic taste for decorations that have personal symbolism, such as cultural artwork and sculpture that you have acquired through extensive travels.


Timeless Vintage Designs

Timeless StyleThe definition of elegance may take on a variety of meanings for different people. Some may see elegance as brightness and grace, while others perceive clean lines and a timeless quality of style as part of the definition. Other individuals are drawn to vintage designs and themes, and this is the epitome of elegance for them.


Go Rustic With Italian Style

Go Rustic With Italian StyleArt trends have often favored replicating images from nature, and this type of beauty can brighten the indoors in a lasting way. Different styles of representation focus on colors or forms, with realistic imagery or soft impressionistic touches. When decorating a room to make it feel more inviting or warm, the use of nature scenes, landscapes, and floral motifs can be a good way to bring the outdoors inside.

Another way to heighten this welcoming atmosphere is to utilize décor which has a rustic flavor. While many people assume that rustic designs are basic in their forms, the term actually refers to an elegance that is perceived within the panorama of the countryside and evokes a bucolic feel. This style can be complementary to a number of existing decorating schemes, but goes especially well with neutrals or in places where vibrancy helps to open up the space. (more…)

A Revival Of Vintage Aesthetics

A Revival Of AestheticsIncreased interest in the Victorian Era has come as a result of literary and popular fascination with inventions from this time period. Historically, this age spanned nearly seventy years, from 1837 to 1901. Innovations and art from Victorian times combined a use of existing aesthetics and visionary imagination to result in an inspired amalgamation of colors and textures. Ornamentation was integral to social miens, and a sense of spiritual connection became the basis for the use of lines and different palettes.

Although floral and animal motifs were widely used, much of the artwork was design based. This allows the eye to follow the intricacies and leads the mind into a peaceful state. Decorative work was intended to relax and elevate the mood, in order to generate positive introspection. As the dawn of the Industrial Revolution also took a strong influence over social aesthetics, metal work became more delicate and integrated into ornamentation and jewelry, especially brooches. (more…)