The new scoop in hotel design

The new scoop in hotel design

Hotel room with hanging Italian mosaic printsIn the hospitality business, it is important to stay current with the latest trends. Hoteliers want to make their guests feel like they are being treated to the latest and greatest in the industry. Follow these top trends to see what is new in the world of hotel design across the country.

  • Vintage look – What’s old is new again with a resurgence of vintage decorations throughout hotels. From the furnishings to the art and maybe even the building itself, the reclaimed look is making it big. The worn-in feel makes any space look warm and welcoming. Hoteliers can use eclectic accents with vintage staples to create this timeless trend.
  • An intimate feel – Hotels are looking to achieve a more intimate space that feels more high-end. Scaling back on the number of rooms allows the space to become a little more private and exclusive. Guests can get the feel of staying in a boutique hotel and it gives staff the opportunity to focus on quality instead of quantity.
  • Luxury bathrooms – The focus will shift to spa-like amenities in the suite. From steam showers to beautiful vanities, guests will feel like they have their very own oasis.
  • Tech staples – Rooms will be outfitted with new tech devices like smart TVs, tablets or cellphone charging pads. As the world becomes more high tech, travelers will demand to stay connected no matter where they go.
  • Natural lighting – Whether it is larger windows or an entire design plan aimed at achieving the most natural light possible, rooms will have improved lighting. While there will be the option to close off the windows when night falls, having the bright light of daytime will help keep guests in good spirits whether they are there for business or pleasure.

If you are looking to update your hotel with some stylish accents, consider the wall art of Italian Mosaic Art. The beautiful prints can help bring a vintage Italian look to your hotel lobby or guest rooms.

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