Pro tips for decorating your first home

Pro tips for decorating your first home

Fireplace with hanging Italian mosaic printThe excitement of your very first home is the same whether you are renting or are a proud owner. You finally have a space of your own that can reflect your personal style, taste and personality. With knick-knacks, wall decor and stylish furnishings, you can create a specific style from scratch. Having a blank slate allows you to build your vision from the ground up. From the living room to the master bedroom, every single wall and square foot of flooring is yours to decorate.

Whether you prefer a sophisticated and traditional look, a more casual bohemian style or something more playful and modern, here are a few tips to follow when you begin the process of decorating your very first home:

  • Invest in versatile furnishings. Staples like kitchen tables, couches and beds should offer a timeless look so they can take on numerous different styles as you decorate and redecorate your home in the coming years.
  • Buy items in increments. It may be tempting to furnish your whole place right away, but give it some time to see what you truly need and what would fit best in your new space.
  • Mix new and old. You may want to buy some new items, but check out places like flea markets and antique stores to add pieces with personality to your home.
  • Accent walls can transform a room. Whether you choose to use a bold color to make a wall pop or you create a gallery wall with various canvases and picture frames, statement wall decor goes a long way.

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