Elevate Your Hotel Decor with These 5 Design Tips

Elevate Your Hotel Decor with These 5 Design Tips

Bedroom with mosaic wall artCreating a space that is both intriguing and inviting is a unique challenge. Hotel guests want to feel like they are being welcomed into a unique space worthy of their hard-earned cash, but at the same time they crave that sense of feeling right at home. Hotels all across the country strive to achieve this balance. While the type of service and hospitality that is offered to guests does play a role, the majority of this balance is achieved through the interior design of the hotel.

From the lobby to the guest rooms and every room in between, take note of these 5 design tips to make your hotel stand out:

  1. Create some green space – Whether you opt for a simple bouquet or entire greenhouse wall, bringing in some level of nature is important. Not only will plants, shrubs and flowers help to filter the air, indoor plants have been shown to lower heart rates, blood pressure, fatigue and anxiety. Including some sort of greenery is vital to a healthy hotel.
  2. Use mirrors to make small spaces feel larger – You don’t have to limit yourself to decorative mirrors on the walls. Get creative with reflective material and use mirrored nightstands or dressers for a unique spin.
  3. Bring eclectic accessories together for a more homey look – Hotel chains that don’t feel very warm and welcoming tend to have a bare bones structure. Add some small accessories throughout each room to make the space feel more livable. A few extra decorations here and there will brighten the space.
  4. Choose wall art that has history and is unique – Guests don’t want to see the same bland wall art in every hotel they visit. Choose something that is off the beaten path, like prints of Italian mosaic jewelry.
  5. Get creative with the light fixtures – The artistry doesn’t end with the wall art. Get creative throughout the whole space and use stylish light fixtures to add another layer of elegance to the space.

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