Create a warm environment with these 5 Tuscan decor tricks

Create a warm environment with these 5 Tuscan decor tricks

Tuscan-style Fiori Rotondi mosaic artwork

Italian-Rustic has taken off like a wild fire in the interior design world. From bedrooms to kitchens and bathrooms to game rooms, everyone is falling in love with this down-to-earth design.

One of the most defining features of a great Tuscan-inspired decor is the level of warmth and joy that it evokes. No matter where your home is located, you can use the Tuscan color palette, a couple design tricks and a few distinguishing features to make your space feel like it is sitting atop the Italian countryside, gazing off onto a picturesque vineyard. Here are a few tricks of the trade to help you bring that romantic, cozy feeling to your home.

Walls: A little texture goes a long way. Whether you opt for wallpaper or want to use plaster to achieve the iconic Tuscan look, the weathered appearance makes the home look inviting and hospitable. Other materials like stucco or wood elevate the natural elements that are the center of this design style.

Floors: The goal is an elegant and timeless look. Materials like marble, tile and rustic wood help to create a sophisticated atmosphere.

Furniture: Soft leather couches, restored solid wood tables and wrought iron backing on barstools all are Italian-Rustic must-haves. The lived-in look can be achieved by purchasing a few pieces from flea-markets, antique stores or showing off that family heirloom.

Accents: The details can always make a big difference. While the relaxed Tuscan style doesn’t require a lot of busy work in the overall design, a few well chosen pieces of wall art, mosaics or chandeliers can go a long way.

Color: If you want to only put forth a little effort and simply give a dash of the Italian flavor, you can work solely with a Tuscan color palette. Look for earthy, muted hues like terra-cotta, beige, moss green and gray-blues.

Bring some authentic Italian artwork into your home to help create your ideal space. There are plenty of designs to choose from that will add that finishing touch you have been searching for. Italian Mosaic Art has a rustic, timeless appeal that never goes out of style.

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