The Not-So-Simple Process of How Mosaics Are Made

The Not-So-Simple Process of How Mosaics Are Made

In Parts And In PiecesCreating a stunning piece of artwork is no simple feat. A lot of hard work, precision and knowledge of the craft go into every single piece. From an idea’s first seed to its implementation, there many steps that lead up to the final product. Because mosaics are so complex, it is no wonder that this multi-faceted process can be time rather time consuming, depending on the size and scale of the mosaic.

There are many different methods for creating a mosaic. Depending on the scale of the piece and the preference of the artists, a different method may win over the other. Whether you are considering creating your own work of art or are just curious to know how these are made, follow these steps to better understand the not-so-simple process or creating a mosaic:

  1. Create a design sketch. This will provide a template to follow so the pieces are placed deliberately rather than working freehand.
  2. Gather the necessary materials like broken tile or glass and cement.
  3. Spread a thin layer of cement on the base. (To work without having to rush as much, a design can also be laid out on a clean base without cement. Then the tile pieces can be glued down to the base individually and finished by grouting.)
  4. Place the broken tile pieces in the chosen design.
  5. Grout the mosaic to fill in any cracks.
  6. Roll and polish the mosaic to finish it off while it dries.

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