Author: Joanne

Must-have design trends for spring 2015

Modern dining roomNothing brings your home to life like a little bit of color. Different hues can evoke emotion, make you feel at ease or energize you for your day ahead. One quick way to update your decor is to introduce some of the hottest colors of the season. Pantone has introduced their spring 2015 palette, and it is quite easy to fall in love with it. Some of the hues are bold and some are more subduded, so there is plenty to work with. (more…)

Pro tips for decorating your first home

Fireplace with hanging Italian mosaic printThe excitement of your very first home is the same whether you are renting or are a proud owner. You finally have a space of your own that can reflect your personal style, taste and personality. With knick-knacks, wall decor and stylish furnishings, you can create a specific style from scratch. Having a blank slate allows you to build your vision from the ground up. From the living room to the master bedroom, every single wall and square foot of flooring is yours to decorate. (more…)

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Designing Your Restaurant

In the restaurant business it is widely known that atmosphere can greatly affect whether a restaurant is a success or a flop. Yes, the food and quality of service play large roles, too, but it is extremely important to make sure the environment is set just right. The restaurant decor, temperature, lighting, music and seating should all work together to build and support your core concept. (more…)

The Not-So-Simple Process of How Mosaics Are Made

In Parts And In PiecesCreating a stunning piece of artwork is no simple feat. A lot of hard work, precision and knowledge of the craft go into every single piece. From an idea’s first seed to its implementation, there many steps that lead up to the final product. Because mosaics are so complex, it is no wonder that this multi-faceted process can be time rather time consuming, depending on the size and scale of the mosaic. (more…)

Elevate Your Hotel Decor with These 5 Design Tips

Bedroom with mosaic wall artCreating a space that is both intriguing¬†and inviting is a unique challenge. Hotel guests want to feel like they are being welcomed into a unique space worthy of their hard-earned cash, but at the same time they crave that sense of feeling right at home. Hotels all across the country strive to achieve this balance. While the type of service and hospitality that is offered to guests does play a role, the majority of this balance is achieved through the interior design of the hotel. (more…)